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**  Sister Sister  **

This week my gals Sam and Cailli launched Marc by Marc Jacobs @ The Bay in Toronto. I of course went to support them and checked out their favourite picks! My FAVVVV are the shoes in the last picture - they are adorable black patent leather with a sweet kitten heel and thick straps!

I wore a red lippy, because these ladies do a statement lip so well, I felt like I needed to rock one too! 

Lip Liner: Annabelle - Cherry #205*

Lipstick: MAC - Riri Woo

*TIP: With the liner, I outline the lip and then colour it in, and then apply the lipstick - this helps longevity and not needing to constantly reapply. 

Vest: Intermix

Dress: Joe Fresh

Heels: Zara

Hat: Rag & Bone


Les Best.

**  Horticulture & History  **

Let’s talk about a revisited classic. The print on this dress actually made it’s first appearance on a silk scarf in 1966 - 48 years ago! It was commissioned by Rodolfo Gucci to make a gift for Princess Grace of Monaco.

The artist that designed the print was a man by the name of Vittorio Accornero, and he created a lovely motif of flowers, insects, fruit and leaves to embody the 4 seasons in a year and to offer the Princess a floral scarf, something other  than a real bouquet of flowers. What a treat!

With her elegance so natural, women of the day coveted and wore the scarf with such literal Grace and poise.

The flora print is known for it’s timeless elegance and to those who are lucky enough, have had it preserved and passed on down on as a heirloom. 

This year, Frida Giannini and her creative team revived these beauties on bags, blouses and dresses.

My styling profile for this was keeping everything classic, as if I were said Princess noted above.

Dress: Gucci

Bag: Chanel

Hat: Maison Michel Paris

Gladiators: Givenchy

Nothing more & nothing less.

A little flower power and historical fashion review for you!


Les Best.

**  Layer Cake Cake Cake Cake  **

Layer up buttercup.




…. and by here I mean, he has landed in Toronto and doesn’t look like he is leaving.

A few weeks ago, I purchased said vesty-coatigan-situation from Intermix. It is by the Intermix brand and comes both in this heathered grey and a soft peony pink.

I jumped at the fact that it would be a perfect piece not only to layer in a warmer climate with say a tank top and BF jeans, and also would  be perfect for commuting to the office with sweaters and blouses, to having cocktails out at night with a little dress.

Grey in my mind is the perfect neutral (as would a camel, navy or black), and work perfectly if you have dark hair like me or are a blonde bombshell.

Vesty: Intermix

Blouse: Mango

Necklace: J Crew

Trousers: H&M

Bag: Celine

Shoes: Isabel Marant

Rings: Alexander McQueen X Anice x Suzy Shier

Layering adds depth to your styling as well as visual interest and the idea that a thought process was involved in conceptualizing your look!


Les Best.

**  A Weekend in FITS  **

So I have been enjoying doing my weekend in outfits review’s for you!! Thank you for your emails, texts etc! It honestly makes it that much more motivating for me to share with you! I generally take a $#!+ tonne of photo’s so an idea of this photo diary makes 100% sense!

1.) Friday; headed to La Carnita to hang out with my favourite chulos! Wore my new mom jeans from H&M with all these fun studs and pearls - $39.99! STEAL! 

Hat: Rag & Bone

Tank: Forever 21

Lace bra: a $9.70 dream - Forever 21

Vest: Intermix

Heels: Zara

Bag: Chanel 

2.) A close up detail of my mom jeans!

3.) A little his and her action on top of the CN Tower for Frames of Life.

His shoes: Carmina

His trousers: Tom Ford 

Her shoes: Zara

Her dress: For Love & Lemons San Marcos Maxi Dress

4.) At the Films of City Frames Giorgio Armani Party showing the back detail of my dress. Bag: Louis Vuitton Chain Louise.

5.) My two weekend beauty purchases - the most natural (for my skin tone) - lip pencil by Clarins Paris in Praline and Natural Lip Perfector. 

6.) Taking a selfie and playing the children’s game memory, at a local dive bar on Sunday - in the Clarins lip pencil and gloss and Dior So Real sunglasses - latest DAILY OBSESSION.

7.) Apres boardgame; tossing a little football in Trinity Bellowoods - Nike Air Max on the peids. 

8.) A Cabfie aka a cab selfie Sunday evening to attend the Louis Vuitton TIFF party - a close up of fall 2014’s biggest trend, the single (lady) earring. Key earring designed by Nicolas Ghesquière.

9.) At The TIFF Louis Vuitton Event!

Hat: Rag & Bone

Dress: Monica Rose for Lovers & Friends LA - been COVETING a tuxedo dress for the longest time EVER!

Bag: Louis Vuitton Chain Louise

Heels: Zara

Earring: Louis Vuitton

10.) The ring things I wore to my Sunday TIFF party.

Heart Ring: Louis Vuitton

Knot Ring: Dior

AND that is what she was folks.


Les Best.

**  Working Class  **

I get it, trust me. I am the working class. The kind that gets up @ 6:00 AM - does a mini workout and is in the office for 8:00 AM, and some days even earlier! With that, what you wear to work doesn’t have to be mundane. 

Take for example this look - silk boxer shorts - that aren’t short (in length) and aren’t culottes either. I styled them with a silk blouse in a solid colour (sometimes prints on prints at the office, at my office specifically where it is 95% male and I don’t like explaining my choices can be off putting).

Blouse: Joe Fresh

Shorts: Club Monaco

Shoes: Zara

Bag: Celine

Rings: Alexander McQueen X Kate Spade X Chanel

Watch: Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Geographic

Bracelet: Hermes Extreme

Now go to work and don’t be afraid to WERK.


Les Best.

** #Selfie  **

I don’t #selfie much; you need that perfect long arm, lighting, face, pose and end up taking 60 of the same picture with a slightly different expression.

Take for example how long it took to take these two pictures (I was actually late for work, and emailed my male colleague telling him I was running late due to “Selfies for Smythe”, in which he responded “fully understood”. HAHA - he must be married with a wife or something, but actually, he is.

So though I don’t selfie much, I will for my fav friends at Smythe for thier 10th anniversary. Use the above hashtags #smythejackets, #10x10, #flashtagram and post your best Smythe selfie to Instagram !

I’m in my first EVER Smythe jacket that I ever purchased! The Summer Surplus in surplus green (draped on one shoulder like a dream - 2 shoulder draping is so last fall), a Stella McCartney accordion dress and Saint Laurent heels; A little casual class.

Follow the hashtags to see everyone’s take on how they style their Smythe!


Les Best.

** Don’t leave me  **

I have an issue with change.

A HUGE issue with change, which is why I don’t really like when it’s “back to school” season, because it isn’t back to school for me, but it correlates to the weather, which means it’s going to get cold soon, which means I have to retire some of my favourites for another 8 months - I live in Toronto, Canada by the way aka The North Pole aka not really, but kind of.

So in my somewhat last hurrah I wore the following flowy, easy, breezy look.

Tank = not really a tank = a MONOKINI  aka a one piece bather from American Apparel

Skirt: Garage Clothing

Sunglasses: Celine

Gladiators: Givenchy

Bar Necklace: Anice

Bag: Chanel

Bracelet: Balenciaga

Rings: Anice X Kenzo X H&M

Summertime SADNESS = 100%


Les Best.


A weekend in review; or as I like to call it, a weekend of a 5 year old. Ice cream, football, bike rides, more ice cream, BBQ’ing, camping on my patio (but actually - only allowed 2 things from inside my house), Pedestrian Sunday’s in Kensington, CNE Airshow, patio hopping and arts and crafts just to name a few. So I thought I’d share with you my photo diary and a glimpse of some of the outfits!

1.) Football in Trinity Bellwoods - wearing my new fav sunnies and my bike of 4 years!

Sunglasses: Dior So Reals

Blouse: Equipment

Bra peek-a-booing out: Isabel Marant

Shorts: Zara

Sneakers: Nike

Bicycle: Abici Italia

Bag: Saint Laurent

2.) Napping in High Park post bike ride and Ice Cream treat!

3.) Twinning nails in Chanel’s latest campaign ! I changed my stiletto shape to more of an oval look for fall! Spoon ring purchased this weekend during Pedestrian Sunday’s in Kensington Market.

4.) & 5.) Rocking my favourite floral jumper for a day BBQ.

Jumper: Forever 21

Earrings: Dior

Sunglasses: Dior

Bar Necklace: Anice

6.) A nifty little bag chair for my Celine Phantom at ONE.

7.) Hanging out in my fav monokini worn as a tank from American Apparel, paired with Zara culottes.

8.) Taking a #selfie at Anice in Kensington, the place I customize A LOT of my accessories! What a beautiful mirror of positivity!

9.) 10.) Hanging in Kensington having a little freshly squeezed pineapple juice!

Crop: Garage Clothing 

Skirt: H&M

Sneakers: Celine

Bag: Chanel

Wrist bands: Partially because I don’t want summer to end - Robyn Concert and the TRES La Carnita block party.

So that was it for me folks! How was your’s?!


Les Best.

**  REXDALE  **

I can proudly say that I was born, raised and grew up in Rexdale. The truth is, where you grow up leaves a lasting impression on you and the person you grow up to become. I love that I have refined hood qualities about myself; I am truly proud of it. I am able to be a strong, vocal and cultured woman who has both book and street smarts. To people that run away from where they grew up because it may not seem “cool” to your colleagues and peers, you must remember that it shaped you as a person and your views of a lot of how you see and approach your life. Take my acceptance when asked by Jeanne Beker where I grew up in my Toronto Star article !! Be proud!

When I saw REXDALE branded on this bin, I knew it was a perfect photo op for my look.

Onesie: Zara

Black Stappy Bra: Gucci 

Hat: Rag & Bone

Shoes: Nine West

Bag: Lady Dior

Bracelets: Hermes enamel bangles X YSL cuff

Rings: YSL Arty X Alexander McQueen

Bar Necklace: Anice



Les Best.

Thank you Hello Canada for adding us to your images - we heart it!
Les Best.


Thank you Hello Canada for adding us to your images - we heart it!


Les Best.