Les Best.

Everything that I deem Les Best.

**  These Little Videos of Mine  **

I’m gonna make them shine! I’m having so much fun with these video’s recently. Check out my version of Change Clothes !


Les Best.

** Selfie Nation  **

…. and the best mirror to take selfies in Toronto goes to - The Four Seasons bathroom. BUT ACTUALLY. 

Total transparency here; Sometimes when we go to The Four Seasons for a drink and I don’t have to use the bathroom, I still go to the bathroom to take a selfie. 

Dress: Joe Fresh

Belt: Chanel

Shoes: Zara

Watch: Jaeger LeCoultre

Bangles: Hermes

Rings: Pandora X Links of London X Chanel X H&M

Hair: My new combover - how do we feel about it?


Les Best.

**  Casually Speaking  **

I mean, I love me my fancy and elevated, but some days call for casual. Casual isn’t something that has to be a bad thing, it just needs to be put together and current. Think new and relevant sweats and sneaks.

I have been lusting over the fact that Net-A-Porter has the best Nike, and I mean LES BEST Nike selection. Take par example my sweater and sneakers! Both super covetable, trendy, fun and items that do not sell in Canada in stores, or any stores I have been to, and trust me I know my shopping. I paired them with a fitted yet semi-slouchy drop crotch sweat and a fun toque with veil - there it is, casual chic!

Sweater: Nike Fearless Paneled Jersey Sweatshirt

Sneakers: Zoom Structure 17 Mesh Sneakers

Bra: Calvin Klein 

Sweatpants: Isabel Marant for H&M

Toque: Lord & Taylor

Bag: Celine

There you go, chic with a heavy helping of comfort.


Les Best.

**  Layered Like A Little Tier Cake  **

And I am referencing my skirt, but I’ll get back to styling that in a second*.

I had the opportunity to view the Première collection de Ghesquière pour Louis Vuitton! In looking at his first collection for the house, my eye felt like his inspiration was drawn from the 1977 Roger Moore James Bond movie called ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’. It was very mod, chic, covered, aviation styled jumpsuits with long cuffed sleeves and an appropriate sized collar. There were ski chalet sweater dresses, and zippered sweaters in the same print and ski goggle sunglasses to match. My one key earring was also a part of his accessories along with mascule signet rings but for the ladies! A super interesting collection once you get the vibe he was emulating.

*second done (and on to styling)!

So I decided to be playful in my styling. I wore Nicolas Ghesquière (LV), my single earring and a piece, from his predecessor Marc Jacobs (LV), my t shirt. The shirt reads PARIS on the back and the number 14 on the front. 14 stands for 2014 and his last year at the house. Someone told me that the number also means death in the Chinese culture and actually sounds like “must die”, which could be an interesting way of looking at the death of an era where Jacobs lead the house.

I tucked my t-shirt into a sequined skirt and topped the skirt with another cut out side skirt! Mens version here for you to be able to see what it’s like in the raw.

T Shirt: Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs

Earring: Louis Vuitton by Nicolas Ghesquière 

Sequin Skirt: Mango

Cut Out Skirt: Givenchy

Heels: Nine West

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Bracelet: Balenciaga

Watch: Jaeger LeCoultre

Ring: Suzy Shier 


Les Best.

**  Diet Coke Style Bar X Gilt  **

Last night I had the chance to preview a beautiful space designed by the creative brainchild Brooke King, for a Diet Coke Curated Fashion Collection alongside Gilt Groupe

Toronto area ladies and gents - the pop up is open, and is located on King and Blue Jays Way on the south west corner. The pop up will allow you to bring your online experience to life and every week there will be new deals.

The themes are of the rooms, styling and deals are: Light, Red, Refreshing, Boost & Luxe.

I naturally wore red, black and grey (silver) to the event without looking like a logo. I was originally going to wear this amazing red skirt (that matches the crop top above), but I found that it needed to be dry cleaned literally 10 minutes before leaving my place! So with a game time decision, I switched it up and to my surprise, there were so many amazing people that said some truly wonderful things about my look. MERCI ! So I guess my outfit fail worked out in my benefit!

Crop: Tibi

Skirt: H&M

Vest: Intermix

Clutch: Celine

Boots: Stella McCartney

Earrings: Dior

p.s.s. do you notice the aesthetic of the chic sketch in the second last photo? That’s by Monica Smiley of Eighty Seventh ST. - who has been doing my Les Best New Year Cards for the last two years! 


Les Best.

**  White Done Right  **

White after Labour Day?! YES! I never understood why you can’t wear white after Labour Day, so I will naturally break that rule! I mean, I 100% understand that you can’t wear white to a wedding, but this rule = absurd! 

This is a little montage of my #OOTN aka Outfit of The Night from a few evenings this past week!

What do you think?

A$AP Rocky - Fashion Killa as my soundtrack!


Les Best.

**  La Belle Époque  **

AKA the Beautiful Age. The time history after the Great Depression when France entered the Industrial Revolution. It was a beautiful time, it was a time where people were happy and over-the-top. It is a reference to many different facets of life, fashion, design, growth, feminist movements, design and architecture. Namely the reason I call this post La Belle Époque is based on the design of La Société in Toronto. My backdrop to a little afternoon meeting. 

As it has been getting cooler - I decided to layer my new favourite vest with a cashmere sweater and a printed blouse to add dimension (and warmth!). I paired it with faux leather trousers and a kitten heel (to be able to run around yet look polished).

Vest: Intermix brand

Sweater: J Crew

Blouse: Target

Trousers: Wilfred

Shoes: Valentino

Bag: Celine


Les Best.

**  Sister Sister  **

This week my gals Sam and Cailli launched Marc by Marc Jacobs @ The Bay in Toronto. I of course went to support them and checked out their favourite picks! My FAVVVV are the shoes in the last picture - they are adorable black patent leather with a sweet kitten heel and thick straps!

I wore a red lippy, because these ladies do a statement lip so well, I felt like I needed to rock one too! 

Lip Liner: Annabelle - Cherry #205*

Lipstick: MAC - Riri Woo

*TIP: With the liner, I outline the lip and then colour it in, and then apply the lipstick - this helps longevity and not needing to constantly reapply. 

Vest: Intermix

Dress: Joe Fresh

Heels: Zara

Hat: Rag & Bone


Les Best.

**  Horticulture & History  **

Let’s talk about a revisited classic. The print on this dress actually made it’s first appearance on a silk scarf in 1966 - 48 years ago! It was commissioned by Rodolfo Gucci to make a gift for Princess Grace of Monaco.

The artist that designed the print was a man by the name of Vittorio Accornero, and he created a lovely motif of flowers, insects, fruit and leaves to embody the 4 seasons in a year and to offer the Princess a floral scarf, something other  than a real bouquet of flowers. What a treat!

With her elegance so natural, women of the day coveted and wore the scarf with such literal Grace and poise.

The flora print is known for it’s timeless elegance and to those who are lucky enough, have had it preserved and passed on down on as a heirloom. 

This year, Frida Giannini and her creative team revived these beauties on bags, blouses and dresses.

My styling profile for this was keeping everything classic, as if I were said Princess noted above.

Dress: Gucci

Bag: Chanel

Hat: Maison Michel Paris

Gladiators: Givenchy

Nothing more & nothing less.

A little flower power and historical fashion review for you!


Les Best.

**  Layer Cake Cake Cake Cake  **

Layer up buttercup.




…. and by here I mean, he has landed in Toronto and doesn’t look like he is leaving.

A few weeks ago, I purchased said vesty-coatigan-situation from Intermix. It is by the Intermix brand and comes both in this heathered grey and a soft peony pink.

I jumped at the fact that it would be a perfect piece not only to layer in a warmer climate with say a tank top and BF jeans, and also would  be perfect for commuting to the office with sweaters and blouses, to having cocktails out at night with a little dress.

Grey in my mind is the perfect neutral (as would a camel, navy or black), and work perfectly if you have dark hair like me or are a blonde bombshell.

Vesty: Intermix

Blouse: Mango

Necklace: J Crew

Trousers: H&M

Bag: Celine

Shoes: Isabel Marant

Rings: Alexander McQueen X Anice x Suzy Shier

Layering adds depth to your styling as well as visual interest and the idea that a thought process was involved in conceptualizing your look!


Les Best.